The TP-2836 uses classic range hood design to define the beauty in simplicity. You can never go wrong with the TP-2836 because it provides all the essential functions that you need for a quality range hood.

Seamless Design

The seamless design speaks for quality. Each one of our product is professionally inspected before putting into the market to make sure each of them met our quality standard. We believe action speaks louder than words.

Removable Baffle Filter and Powerful Turbine

The baffle filter can be easily removed by simply pressing the top groove to remove and replace the oil tray. It is easy and convenient. The turbine using Japanese patented motor can generate maximum 860 cfm/min wind exhaust.


About Us

Micropack Inc. is an experienced appliances company dedicated to serving both our clients and our partners. We aim to create an exceptional shopping experience for our customers and to build a mutually beneficial relationship for our partners. For more information, please Contact Us.

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