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Are you interested in a 200 million dollars business opportunity that is increasing by 5% each year! If you are, then join us! Become a distributor today and start earning!

Why Join Us?

Product Quality

Our products are designed to last more than 10 years. With patented Japanese motor, they are powerful, effective, and quiet.


Our products are competitive in terms of pricing and quality. Distributors will have no trouble distributing them.


A one-time investment that can benefit the investor for life. Our regional distribution guarantee protect investor's right.


An investment is only worth when it is profitable. Our hierarchical pricing structure will help you understand how much you can earn.

What Will I Be?

Class One Exclusive Distributor

By States or Counties

The Class One Distributor is responsible to manage the entire distribution process within the state or county of your selection. You will be responsible for locating retailers, managing inventories, and developing Class Two  Distributor to further detailing the distribution. You distribution right is guaranteed within your district. You will be the only authorized distributor in your area and any sales made within your district will credit to you.

Class Two Sub Distributor

By Cities

Class Two Distributor is responsible to manage the entire distribution process within one or more cities of your selection. You are required to assist Class One Distributor with the distribution process by locating retailers to distribute our product. You will follow Class One Distributor's direction and fulfill sales goal. Any sales made within your district will credit to you.

If you are interested, please click the Contact Us button for more information. Thank you!

About Us

QG Appliances 4 Less is an experienced appliances chain dedicated to serving both our clients and our partners. We aim to create an exceptional shopping experience for our customers and to build a mutually beneficial relationship for our partners. For more information, please Contact Us.

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